SCENAR New Zealand - Non-invasive, All-natural, a hundred% Discomfort Free of charge Scenar Therapy.

Consider there was a way to take care of soreness and acute wellbeing circumstances rapidly and effectively with no complications and Uncomfortable side effects, to have the ability to reverse many chronic conditions that are observed as irreversible through the mainstream orthodox professional medical fraternity. Now consider that this remedy may be shipped by a hand-held gadget no bigger than a Tv set handheld remote control, weighs a lot less than 300 grams, operates on a few 1.5 volt batteries for months at any given time, desires minimum instruction and might act as a heart defibrillator. If all this sounds also great being accurate Then you really haven't experienced Scenar technologies pack up.

Dubbed "the Star Trek device" by the European push, Scenar (an acronym for Self- managed Energo Neuro Adaptive Reflex) created its physical appearance onto the western phase inside the latter 50 % of your 1990's as perestroika served to unravel the Soviet Union. A group of Russian Health professionals and researchers at Sochi College designed Scenar technologies inside the late 1970's as enormous funding went into the 'Place race'; portability, ease of use and usefulness had been of paramount great importance.

How it works

Scenar technological innovation is usually a fusion of knowledge that enables the gadget to mimic nerve impulses in a very biofeedback dialogue with the central nervous technique, a dynamic interaction that facilitates internal balance and the re-institution of homeostasis. A nutritious coherent physique has the opportunity to contend with pathology swiftly by harnessing its own interior pharmacy of bioactive compounds, producing healing which the mindful thoughts is commonly unaware of or at worst is projected as a quick going development of indicators resulting in a return to normality or good wellbeing. When repetitive pathological signals can't be processed, the body finally fails to recognise that it has a challenge and successfully stops communicating While using the pathology, making an energy cyst - isolated from the body's Management.

The Scenar is operated by putting the electrode instantly around the skin and may ordinarily be sensed through the receiver as a nice tingling sensation. Because the operator moves the machine over the skin info is collected that identifies parts of 'small asymmetry' - pathology relating to tissues and organs connected via the ectodermic layer. As soon as located the Scenar turns into the Dr Dolittle in the cellular globe, prompting and stimulating the nervous system to produce neuropeptides (nerve substances which can be normally considered the most powerful of therapeutic features) inside of a reaction that is certainly rapid and long lasting.

Why it works

As information and facts is currently flowing to Earlier unresponsive regions (Electricity cysts), conversation proceeds very long following the therapy is done and can help other associates of the human body's energetic orchestra carry about harmony and coherence. The achievement of Scenar therapy is effected by:

Stimulation of every one of the skin constructions. The skin develops within the exact same embryological layer because the anxious method allowing for for treatment method of interior organs through reflexive zones on the skins surface area.
Doing the job along acupuncture meridians and neurological zones.
Action with a, B and C nerve fibres making potent neuropeptide cascades.
Restoring homeostasis and sympathetic / parasympathetic harmony.
Eliminating repetitive central nervous technique styles.
Working right on area spinal reflexes.
Re-establishing typical membranous resonance.
Via molecular polarization it normalizes adapted tissue polarities.
By microphoresis since it stimulates selective re-absorption of trace features and minerals from your skin.

Your body can rapidly adapt and develop into unresponsive to most electrical therapies, for example TENS, as a result of reliable mother nature of the impulses This can't take place with Scenar as every single impulse is different for the previous a single, the signals regularly transforming as being the electrical Attributes of your pores and skin are analysed.

Names driving the science

The sophisticated computer software that allowed this breakthrough to occur was formulated by two Fantastic electronic engineers, Ganadi Fursov and Alexander Nadtochy, who were both recognised at the best stage for their accomplishment.

The founding researcher driving the development of Scenar technologies is Dr Alexander Karasev who shown his invention to space method researchers while Doing the job with the Cosmonaut instruction centre in the 1970's. Dr Karasev, who has a tendency to shy far from publicity, reported in his 1st at any time interview with the BBC Earth support in 1999:

"If I needed to demonstrate it to you personally it might likely get me about ten minutes. I can exhibit it on something, even the wrinkles to the skin. Rejuvenation. In case you compare the taken care of and non-addressed elements of the deal with, As an example, you could see the difference Plainly. Or if you have a bruise somewhere it'll just take ten-quarter-hour to reveal Preliminary result. I've released the SCENAR to maternity hospitals and it heals many of the bruises and traumas in newly born babies inside of a few minutes".

Alexander and his relatives haven't made use of pharmaceutical medicine as it's creation.

Two Physicians working with exploration teams drastically increased the usefulness in the technological know-how immediately after perfecting impressive procedures which have led on the 'Practically unbelievable' benefits reached in Russian clinics and by an increasing number of healthcare staff and therapists worldwide. Like Dr Karasev, the brilliance of Dr Yori Gorfinkel and Professor Alexander Revenko has specified the earth a beautiful healing technological know-how.


The Scenar is certified in Europe for 'pain reduction' and within the United states of america for 'soreness relief and muscle re-education'. Whilst its capability to quickly lower discomfort is outstanding, we are able to see from studies compiled from Russian clinics and Universities that 'soreness aid' is almost a 'aspect effect' of anything much more basic. Mentioned beneath is a summary of experiences compiled by Scenar practitioners with various levels of encounter, it should be famous that the standard effectiveness involves full Restoration in sixty six% of situations:

Diseases of:

Musculoskeletal process - average 79%
Circulatory program ** - normal eighty two%
Respiratory procedure - average 79%
Digestive process - typical ninety three%
Male Genital, Urinary - average 89%
Female Genital, Urinary, Obstetrics - typical 78%
Nervous method - typical 81%
Ear and mastoid procedure - common 82%
Eye and Adnexa - typical 93%
Oral cavity, salivary glands and Jaws - average ninety one%
Pores and skin and subcutaneous tissue - normal sixty eight%
Other programs - ordinary eighty one%

** This incorporates forty eight clients with acute heart failure, 47 recovered after one 25-moment treatment method. Also 16 clients with unexpected cardiac arrest, twelve recovered immediately after just one 10-moment cure.

Scenar and unexpected emergency use - Ache Relief.

Scenar is made use of extensively in Russia by para-medics and emergency Medical doctors. It's considered to be a 'polyclinic' and 'ambulance from the pocket'. The remarkable consequences on suffering, oedema and traumatic injuries are quite challenging to understand unless you have been given this sort of therapy or specified it.

Professor Tarakanov, the medical director of Rostov Condition Professional medical University compiled some effects reached by forty three emergency Medical practitioners residing in 11 metropolitan areas and cities. 610 individuals gained crisis remedy - fifty seven% were given Scenar like a mono-therapy and forty three% got Scenar combined with medicines. The most Repeated requires crisis therapy have been:

153 sufferers were being suffering from neurovisceral hypertension stroke. Blood pressure was lowered on normal involving fifteen-twenty% and pulse amount by ten%. Pain (cardialgia and cephalgia) was practically non-existent soon after twenty-half-hour remedy.

77 sufferers have been divided into 3 groups suffering from osteochondrosis with radicular ache and neuralgia - pains in neck, head, chest and decreased again. A four-point scale was used to evaluate agony. On ordinary pain reduced to 0.two - 0.5 from 3 following twenty minutes of treatment. Normal haemodynamics have been achieved.

33 people with acute viral an infection
32 clients with dystonia
26 sufferers with extreme agony from angina pectoris
24 clients with myofascial and muscular soreness
20 patients with contusions, fractures, haematomas
sixteen sufferers with acute bronchial bronchial asthma
9 clients with gastro duodenal condition
9 clients with soft tissue bruising
211 people with other unexpected emergency troubles

A summary of the outcomes reveals that:

Scenar is a successful clinical instrument for rendering quick and on-likely clinical help
Scenar motion relieves discomfort, recovers operation, accelerates the clinical class of a pathological approach and decreases its evidence

The effective impact while in the examine is 87-92.three% no matter prior drug therapy.
People devote significantly less time on prescription drugs and subsequent rehabilitation
The quantity of medical problems is lessened

Discomfort Genie Ltd dependent in britain happen to be working with this technologies with amazing consequences for numerous a long time and run demonstrations and seminars around the globe.

No unwelcome Unwanted effects are shown in around twenty five yrs of use in Russia and Europe. The scenar therapy only real complete contra-indicator is for those with cardiac pacemakers; Whilst certain other illnesses and injuries should only be treated by practitioners with thorough coaching.

The technologies has more than 25 decades tested investigate and many hundreds of Many individuals have been productively handled. The gadget can be used in confined Areas, is totally non-invasive, strong and transportable, makes use of minimal Electrical power, desires nominal schooling, reacts to the precise wants from the shopper at enough time of remedy and is just as delighted treating the knee of 1 affected person and the guts of the following. Atlantic or Everest. Scenar is effective.
RITM SCENAR is non invasive, normal & one hundred% pain-free state-of-the-art therapy. The scenar system offers persons like YOU long run pain reduction every day. That is the future of suffering relief that fuses know-how with biofeedback that's soreness free and savored by more than 10,000 persons worldwide.

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